Gareth has dreams of leading a 100 strong all boys choir out on the stage at the Royal Albert Hall. The problem is, at Lancaster, singing in assembly was abandoned in the 1970’s, and most of the boys who attend think singing is definitely best left ‘for the girls’.

In episode one Gareth sets about changing attitudes at the school before launching his choir. His first challenge is to put singing back into assembly, but it doesnt happen without a struggle. There is open hostility to his project from some boys and when he takes his singing crusade into the classroom the reception his mixed. But he does unearth some real talent. 14 year old Imran Siddiq has the voice of an angel but bags of attitude to match. Can Gareth keep his spirited protégé on track? Finally, it’s the moment of truth; choir sign up. Has Gareth done enough to persuade the school that boys do sing?