Radio 1's Reggie Yates joins BBC Switch to present The Almost Perfect Guide to Life today - a new six part series offering a one-stop guide to everything teenagers want to know but don’t know who to ask. Joining Reggie to introduce 'Insider Guide' segments is AJ Odudu - in her first tv presenting role.

It’s tough being a teen. There’s surging hormones, changing bodies, exam stress and pocket money that just doesn’t cut it . On top of that there’s pressure to wear the right clothes and to look good...when all they really want to do is spend time with their mates.

The show will give young people the information they need in an informative and entertaining way to get through this confusing time. From how to pull, how to pass and how to pretend they've known this stuff all along, each episode is fast-paced, funny, frank and packed with insider tips presented by experts for both guys and girls.