Brits spend millions each year on lotions, potions and procedures in an attempt to keep the tell-tale signs of ageing at bay. But does any of it really work, does it work for everyone and is it really worth it?

Featuring Anna Richardson, Louise Redknapp and plastic surgeon, Rozina Ali, brand new series How Not to Get Old will investigate how and why we age as we do, and offer viewers the ultimate consumer guide to the best treatments on offer to keep everyone looking youthful. The series will investigate the latest scientific developments in the fight against aging. Each episode will examine the most popular and cutting edge surgical procedures available, and test much hyped non-invasive products that promise to take off years.

The programme will feature contributors desperate to wind back the clock on a particular body part: in each episode one will prefer a non-invasive approach, the other will opt for the surgery route. Both will be offered advice from experts and those who have already had the procedure to guide them through all they need to know - from the first consultation to recovery times.

Contributors will be able to use innovative 3D technology before making a decision to see exactly what intervention could do for them and if the results would meet their expectations. How long do the effects of surgery really last and what is the optimal age for popular procedures? Can some treatments actually make you look older if performed at the wrong age, for example, and is it ever too late to go under the knife?