Co-created by Tony Marchant, Garrow's Law is set in the Old Bailey of Georgian London and is based on historical court records from the late 18th century.

In an age when to be accused of a crime was to hang for it, the young Garrow championed the defence of the underdog and pioneered the rigorous cross-examination of prosecution witnesses that paved the way for our modern legal system of today.

In the second series, Garrow returns to fight injustice and corruption once more, dazzling the Old Bailey with his skills. But his relationship with Lady Sarah means that he soon finds himself using his remarkable skills in a desperate fight to save his own name.

Each one-hour episode begins with the investigation of a case sourced from the Old Bailey archives from the day, from rape and murder to high treason and corruption, and follows Garrow (Buchan) and his associate Southouse (Armstrong) working to uncover the truth or fight for justice.

A gifted maverick, at times arrogant and with a burning sense of destiny, Garrow is driven to change the nature of the trial against a backdrop of social and political upheaval.

Garrow's Law is a Twenty Twenty/Shed Media Scotland production for BBC One.