Sixty five years ago, Britain was at war with Nazi Germany. In an attempt to destroy the morale of the British people, Hitler ordered devastating air raids on many of our major cities. These raids killed 43,000 British civilians during the nine months between September 1940 and May 1941.

However - about 3 million of our city-dwelling kids were kept safe - by 'The Evacuation"

This Living History series takes a group of 12 modern-day city kids - from some of the roughest estates in the land - and send them back in time to the 1940s to experience life as war time evacuees.

The first series packed off the kids to the country to avoid the bombs and horrors of war, inner city evacuees were often dirty, under nourished, badly behaved and couldn’t tell a pig from a cow. The country folk who took them in were sometimes appalled by their ignorance, shocked by their foul language and poor manners (sound familiar?) – and many made it their business to give these kids a lesson they’d never forget.

Our kids will spend 15 days deep in the English country-side, on an authentic 1940s-style farm - complete with animals, a real-life farmer, farmer's wife, farm hand and land girl - living the life of an evacuee – helping put real food on the table by doing farm chores and attending the local ‘evacuation’ school to face old-fashioned discipline!

Now back for a second series in 2008 our 12 modern boys and girls are being evacuated to experience life as 1940’s evacuees at one of the finest country houses in the land. But if they think living in a posh pad owned by a Lord and Lady means non stop luxury, they’re in for a shock. Before the evacuees can enjoy the perks of life upstairs, they’ll have to face a whole new set of challenges living downstairs with the staff. They’ll realise a servants work is never done, manners must be perfect at all times and all this without a single mod con.

From the moment they arrive it’s clear Mr Henderson the Butler won’t won’t tolerate anyone stepping out of line, as London lad Sam Sayer discovers. Discipline and attention to detail are the key to getting on at Pradoe Hall and Bristol girl Mary Ellen Jones is desperate to impress but will she get noticed for the wrong reasons? For those who do behave properly, there’s a treat in store; tea with the Lord and Lady, but will any of them done enough to deserve it?

Both series are presented by ex-Blue Peter star, Matt Baker.