They're young, smart and have more money than you. Entrepreneurs, opportunists and those who've had a helping hand from mum and dad give credit cards a workout, revealing what money means to them. Watch here!

  • Episode 1: Gypsy with a Golden Car
    Alfie is a Romany gypsy who's always wanted a golden car, and today's his lucky day.

  • Episode 2: Horses Get You Mad Freebies
    Professional horse rider Emily selects her latest luxury freebie from one of her sponsors.

  • Episode 3: A millionaire by 20?
    Ollie is a 17-year-old businessman with a love of money and vintage model cars.

  • Episode 4: YouTube's Supercar Addict
    Paul is a YouTube star who is out to buy his second dream supercar for his 25th birthday.

  • Episode 5: Buying Rolexes with Dinner Money
    At 15, Tommie made a fortune running a tuck shop his school tried to ban.