Is there an art to pulling? Meet the people who think there is, as we follow them on a night out, trying to spark that instant attraction. Watch here!

  • Episode 1: The Glamour Shark
    Verity dons war paint and wears her most revealing outfit to attract guys on the dance floor.

  • Episode 2: The Pickup Artist
    Eighteen-year-old Genald is a professional dating coach who uses a technique he calls 'push pull'. But does it work?

  • Episode 3: Master and Apprentice
    Flirt expoert Jean Smith teaches singleton Tindy how to approach men in the street.

  • Episode 4: The Lost Puppy
    Brad gets the attention of guys by pretending he's lost, but will they see past his puppy dog eyes?

  • Episode 5: The Fake Spaniard
    Joe the plumber from Essex becomes Spanish José to charm the girls.

  • Episode 6: Three-Way Kiss
    Youtuber Jack Jones tries to instigate a three-way kiss by asking four simple questions.

  • Episode 7: Hunt Like a Lion
    Hunting in a pack with some mates, Kieran uses his wingmen to seduce groups of ladies.