In a warm hearted two-part series, Bad Santas will follow a group of unemployed men as they are taken through their paces at the UK's most successful Santa School - but only the best will make it into the grottos in time for Christmas.

In true Christmas spirit, James Lovell and Matt Grist, Managing Directors of Ministry of Fun (MOF) is offering a unique opportunity to this carefully selected group of men, each who have had a difficult past and are looking to make a fresh start. James and Matt want to give them the chance to regain their confidence and find employment.

Whilst working with the MOF, the men must attend Santa School and pass a number of challenges from learning how to wear a Santa costume with confidence, how to perfect the art of a jolly ‘ho ho ho', learn the most popular toys for Christmas and most importantly, how to deal with those tricky questions from children.

This isn't just a job for Christmas, James believes being Santa is the most rewarding role in the world and wants to be able to offer the most successful Santas a job at the end. But just how many of the Santa hopefuls will survive the test and pass the challenges to take on the role of every child's favourite Christmas character?

Episode 1 will follow Santa trainers James Lovell and Matt Grist as they make their shortlist from a great range and mix of Santa wannabes including men who are homeless, jobless, on the sick and even those who have had a brush with the law. The successful candidates will be put through some tough training before they are allowed to graduate as Santa.

Episode 2 follows James and Matt trying to get work for our Santas and their subsequent employment. We see how some are more successful than others, and just how tough it is to get work when you have a criminal record on your CV.


Bad Santa Biogs

Frank, 51 from Chelsea is a father of three with a criminal record and cites the birth of second son as saving his life. He's now trying to put things back on track and wants to change people's perceptions about criminals. He struggles to get work or to be accepted by society at large and wants an opportunity to turn his life around.

Brian, 48 from High Wycombe left school at 16 and has never married. He lives alone in his flat and looking for a positive change in his life. Since the death of his father, Brian believes life has never been the same and every year he dreads going home to his family for Christmas.

Steve, 49 from Milton Keynes is twenty-stone and stuck in a rut. He is unemployed after giving up his job due to back problems. He lives with his wife and has two daughters from previous marriages. He has never met his grandchildren and is desperate to show his family that he is not a bad person.