Through a host of awe-inspiring, dramatic building projects we will re-create elements of Titanic's magnificent features as a launching pad to investigate the Edwardian era, from the manufacturing city hubs to the everyday men and women who worked on the frontlines of industry. We will explore the nations industrial heritage, the lives of the people that made this iconic ship, and uncover the social history of the era.  We will find out what still exists today, what has been lost and what has changed in a hundred years of chance.

This is a series about the excitement of a modern audience rediscovering the noisy, clunking, tactile joy of a manufacturing world at full flow, where just four generations ago, our forefathers made epic and beautiful machines with their bare hands.

To bring the drama, technological accomplishment and social history of Edwardian manufacturing industry to life, a team of modern day engineering experts will attempt to rebuild and restore key components of RMS Titanic.  The construction team will reflect the idea that Titanic was the defining construction project of the age. As such, we bring together a team of people who have been involved in the biggest, most expensive, most complex construction or engineering projects of today. Their genuine experience and knowledge will not only make our projects feasible as hands on experiences, but our team will gain a honest professional appreciation of the skill, danger and ultimately achievement that was building the Titanic.