In an ambitious new series, Gareth Malone's Extraordinary School for Boys, Gareth teaches in a primary school for one term. His mission is to re-engage boys who don’t like school and who, like many across Britain, lag behind their female peers. His method is to bring risk, competition and adventure back to the classroom. Known for his previous successes as a choirmaster in The Choir, the school classroom is a new challenge for Gareth.

In the first of three episodes Gareth joins the staff at a primary in Essex, an ordinary school where, like thousands of others across Britain, there's a gap between girls’ and boys' achievement in speaking, reading and writing. 

Gareth decides that before the boys can learn anything, they need to be excited about school. So his pupils spend the school day outdoors, climbing trees, building their own outdoor classroom, and playing rough and tumble competitive games.

Gareth succeeds in getting the boys excited about being in school, but can he actually get them to learn? His initial challenge is to try and improve their speaking skills which he attempts by staging a boys versus girls debate competition. Will the boys rise to the challenge