In this fast and furious game show Ben 10 is looking for the Ultimate Ben 10 Superfan, the boy or girl who knows the most about him, who can take on his aliens, his enemies and his amazing world.  In these action packed game shows 4 children will compete in some incredible adrenalin fuelled physical and mental challenges. In each episode the 2 highest point scoring contestants go through to the amazing Enemy Assault course, where they will take on the evil Vilgax. The winner not only wins prizes but also the chance to come back for the Ben 10 Ultimate Challenge Grand Final which will feature the 4 highest scoring episode winners of the series

But that’s not all, the lucky winner of the Grand final will walk away with a stack of exclusive high tech prizes, including lap tops. Flat screen tv’s a flip camera and a whole host of other high tech kit - and more importantly - the ultimate accolade of knowing that he or she is the nation’s BIGGEST Ben 10 Superfan.