July 2011 celebrated the release of the final instalment in the Potter saga, and to mark the climax of this extraordinary British phenomenon, we have produced “50 Greatest Harry Potter Moments.”

With intimate access to its leading stars, including Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint, the countdown is narrated by Robbie Coltrane and looks back at the myriad moments that have defined the Harry Potter generation.

From the very first meeting aboard the Hogwarts Express and the love story of Ron and Hermione, to the death of the mighty Dumbledore, there are multiple scenes that have made Harry Potter an international favourite. The star studded cast will discuss them all and reveal why each ‘moment’ has made the grade. 

Julie Walters looks back at a young cast that have matured as characters and actors while Ralph Fiennes reveals the secrets of being Voldemort. Producer David Heyman narrates how the story moved from script to screen, while Director David Yates gives true behind the scenes insight from the sets. 

We’ll also hear from the genius inventor of Harry Potter himself, J.K. Rowling, who reveals how impressed she was with the cinematic interpretation of her creation.

To complement the stars of the series, celebrity die hard fans join the experience to make this two hour special a unique ITV1 experience. 

Dawn French, Will Young, Ben Shephard, Richard Curtis, Eliza Doolittle, Peter Jones, Miquita Oliver and Russell Kane, among others, chip in to give their personal take on these great moments and what makes them moving, funny, emotional and close to the nation’s heart.

But this homage to Potter is not just for the ardent super-fan. For the uninitiated, the programme is filled with behind the scenes glimpses, tricks of the modern movie trade and premier gala glitz to intrigue everyone.

We’ve also polled Harry Potter fans and amassed over a quarter of a million votes in an effort to decide which is the greatest moment in Harry Potter’s remarkable history.