The teens and dogs pairings are specifically chosen to mirror each other's characteristics: quitter Andrea and scatty dog Susie; nervous Richard and timid dog Stella; dog-phobic Chanel and her Rottweiler Spice; drama queen Victoria and demanding dog Jolene; school drop-out Laurie and lazy dog Charlie; and bad boy Gary with cheeky dog Baxta. Overseeing the project is Dogs Trust dog behavioural expert Lynn Barber, supported by Canine Carer Rhys Livings. Dr Gareth Smith, clinical psychologist, Stuart Cowie, youth worker and Kate Marlow, a performance coach, will be there to support the teens. They have just five weeks to prepare them for one of the prestigious classes at Crufts 2006: the Bronze Good Citizenship Award. If successful, the teens will be allowed to take their dog home at the end of the programme, but in order to do this they must prove that they can be truly responsible. As part of the process, the teens must work at the Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre, cleaning, clearing up dog mess and exercising the dogs. Will the teens cope with the commitment and responsibility? How will the dogs respond to their new owners and what will the Crufts 'establishment' make of these unconventional pairings? The Underdogs – made in association with Dogs Trust, the UK's largest dog welfare charity – is a journey of self-discovery, littered with rough times and reward, emotional highs and lows, and, ultimately, an absorbing insight into the mutually supportive relationships that can develop between people and their pets.