In Basingstoke, 41 year old garage attendant Alison’s four bedroom home is packed with a massive hoard of ladybird possessions, including ladybird shoes, dustpans, jewellery, bras and dresses.    But now her love of all things ladybird and her insistence of buying more than one of the same item, is causing a rift between herself and her boyfriend.


In Windsor, Berkshire, 62 year old widow Jo is a Primary school teacher whose obsessive collection of toys, text books, and magazines have taken over her beautiful £½ million home.  Now everyday Jo must negotiate the hazardous passageways that wind their way through her hoard as boxes and bags precariously balance on top of one another.  Because of this Jo has not invited friends inside her home for years.


Helping both Alison and Jo reclaim their homes is therapist Stelios Kiosses who deals with the psychological reasons behind the hoard, and straight talking Declutter Divas Zoe and Allyson.


But will Alison’s relationship survive the changes and will Jo - one of their hardest cases yet - get rid of any of her stuff?


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